Weekend ahead!

aaaaahh, it’s Friday!

Thanks to all your comments on my post yesterday. I’m glad to know there are many of you that hate to dust too (and envious for those of you that do it well!)

So, what’s on the agenda this weekend?

We are taking it easy. On Sunday…. David is going to his 2nd Wiggles concert. I thought he’d be growing out of the Wiggles by now, but he’s still addicted to the songs. Should be a fun day.

And, on Monday…. his first official Dentist appointment. I say “official” since he has been there with S. and I getting acclimated to the dental hygienist and the atmosphere. Monday he is getting his very own teeth cleaning. Afterwards, we are going to the Mall. Primarily, because we need a few things for our vacation at the end of the month (we are going to Disney World). But also, I promised David a new toy if he behaves at the Dentist’s office.

Nothing like bribery, eh?

Hope you all have a great weekend, and are doing something fun or relaxing!

2 thoughts on “Weekend ahead!

  1. Emily has been to the dentist 3 times now (cleanings, X-rays, the whole deal!) and has done great. Hopefully David does as well!We were just happy to know she actually does have permanet teeth in there where all her baby teeth have fallen out!

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