Overheard at the BagMomma house

Subtitled: the decline of society in middle America and its effects on small children.


Our local news aired a segment last week regarding a story about drugs being sold from a Mr. Softee truck in Philadelphia. For those of you who aren’t from the New York/Philly area, Mr. Softee is our version of the Good Humor Ice Cream truck. They are independently-owned ice cream trucks that troll the family neighborhoods selling frozen treats (not illicit drugs, lol). My son heard this newscast but we didn’t talk about it. In fact, I thought he wasn’t even paying attention to the TV. Fast forward to yesterday….

David: “I didn’t get any Mr. Softee this weekend!”

S.: “We probably missed him when we were out, don’t worry, he’ll be back sometime this week with your chocolate ice cream.”

David: “Nuh uh, Daddy. Mr. Softee is too busy selling drugs to bring my ice cream.”

Oh my……What to say

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