Blogging thru the mist

That sounds like a great movie title doesn’t it?

In actuality, it’s just the morning mist of a humid day in NJ. The kind of day where a person with super straight fine hair (me) can walk outside and have curly, fizzy hair within 5 minutes.

Where did the weekend go? I just don’t know. I spent Friday evening camped on the recliner catching up on past episodes of Hells Kitchen and Ice Road Truckers (don’t knock it till you watch it).

I slept until 9AM on Saturday! I swear I did! It was nice to wake up refreshed from 12 hours of sleep. I think all the sleepless nights caught up with me. And, it was QUIET. David was away, and S. was sitting in the family room with the dog. I made my coffee, and decided to stay in my PJ’s until noon. Quite relaxing.

S. and I went to a neighbor’s party Saturday night, and sat in more humidity on their deck drinking a new beer I hadn’t tried before. Landshark, I think? It tasted like Corona. It was cold, and lovely.

I slept Sunday morning until 9:30AM. yee haaa!

David came back from the beach later on Sunday, exhausted from his fun (and I think my parents were a little exhausted too!) We spent the weekend missing him, and one hour home he was back to his crazy self. Chasing the dog, screaming for Mr. Softee… the house no longer quiet.

It was pretty good while it lasted.

2 thoughts on “Blogging thru the mist

  1. Your RSS feed isn’t working in Bloglines…here I thought you stopped posting for 2 weeks!I wish I could sleep in until 9 am. Just once. Why don’t the kids understand this “sleeping in” thing?

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