counting down

So, the week is drawing to another close. My parents are taking David away for the entire weekend (they are heading to the beach). Normally, I would be all excited about the upcoming prospect of being alone with S., but I am still in a crummy mood.

Dr. V called out of the blue yesterday. Wanted to see how I was doing. His words were… “I usually have my nurses call to see how you are doing, but I feel personally responsible for you.”

haha HA HA. Loved that.

Besides severe intestinal distress, I felt no different after taking the Cytotec. Still spotting and the like, of varying intensity, but not really feeling like I thought I would. I guess I was waiting for the floodgates to open, and that just didn’t happen.

So we wait until Tuesday, and if needed, get some “stronger” meds. Hoping the u/s shows this pregnancy disappearing by then. Hopefully.

So, as far as the weekend goes, it would have been nice for hubby and I to get away (by that I mean, drive the car somewhere FAR away from here), but we have a couple social commitments around town. He is going out after work tomorrow for a “goodbye” get-together for one of his employees that left the business. Saturday, we are going over to our neighbors for a party. Sunday, we have a picnic at a local winery.

ok, so it’s not a terrible weekend, but I’ll try to get by. 😉

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