an end in sight?

Update on my current fertility woes…

I started having some spotting yesterday, so I went in for another visit to the RE. Dr. V found via u/s that the “products of conception” where still hanging on….

so now we are moving on to Cytotec to get the miscarriage over. I do not have any experience with this (my previous m/c all ended with “completed” D&E’s unlike this debacle), so any of my IF buddies who have had meds to accelerate a miscarriage, please let me know your experience. Dr. V says I will feel like crap for two days essentially.

It’s two doses two hours apart, and he wants me to do it as soon as I get the script filled later this afternoon.

My pain threshold is pretty high, but I am a little concerned that I have a full workload tomorrow. Wondering if I should plan a sick day?

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