Clearly, I am unlucky in EVERY way

Do you think I will hold the record for the longest miscarriage wait? I didn’t mention yesterday, but I had yet *another* u/s which confirmed the fact that there has been no change from last week , or the week before, or the one before that.

I suppose this would be the very odd occasion where I might pray to the heavens to end this drama.

Could ya all do a sort of a “rain dance” for you know what?? I realize this is a very odd request (especially from my IF readers), but in order to start a new beginning….

I need an end.

3 thoughts on “Clearly, I am unlucky in EVERY way

  1. dd- I had a d&e two weeks ago, but they could not empty the tissue. I have a narrow cervix and my uterus is tipped to the right (from my previous c/s) so I am not the easiest candidate. The doctor in his words “did not want to perform heroic measures and possibly risk complication” by digging and digging. This from a guy who has performed thousands of this procedure. So, yes, the surgery was a complete failure. Meds haven’t been discussed yet, I suppose that will happen next week.

  2. I have to wonder why your doctor has not scheduled either a D&C or given you a methotrexate inj. If there hasn’t been any change after this long, there may never be.I would make inquiries to your doctor on this asap and find out what the excuse is to keep you wrapped up in something so mentally exhausting.

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