A new purse brightens the day, but of course

So I wanted to treat myself to a new handbag, but the thought that I may end up in the poor house with these medical bills put the kabosh on that.

And then, a surprise.

My Mom, who in her inifinite wisdom knows that there are very few things that cheer me up when I am in a funk… gave me the CUTEST summer purse today.

A Michael Kors Santorini Woven Shopper with white leather detail.


I feel 2% more happy today.

Okay, maybe 5%.

Thanks Mom. You rock.

One thought on “A new purse brightens the day, but of course

  1. Hi, I know this might be a little off topic but it’s about shopping! I recently started a personal shopper company and wanted to know did you or someone you know in the Philadelphia area need a person like me to help you out when you don’t have the time to shop for clothes??

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