Positivity will get you nowhere

Sorry I kind of disappeared there. I took some time off and found it really nice to not sit at my office desk at all since last Wednesday.

So, catching up… the surgery went fine but the result was disappointing. I had the D&E only to find out from my RE that he couldn’t locate the the tissue, so it was pretty much like going thru it all for nothing!

That’s right, the D&E was only the “D” part. I still don’t quite understand how he couldn’t “find” the pregnancy. It was there on the u/s the day before. His call was that he didn’t want to keep poking around and causing pain and potential complications. My uterus is in an unusual position from my previous c-section, blah, blah, blah.

Mind you, I had a sucessful D&E last year with no issues. Back when I actually still had a glimmer of patience.

I was so mad on the way home. I was trying to be positive hoping it would get me through this faster, and now I am back at square one. I have an u/s tomorrow to see what’s there, and to discuss what to do next. If I have to sit and wait around for a natural miscarriage I might lose my mind.

Is it me??? I swear. I just wanted to move on.

Meanwhile, I was having a lot of cramping (no bleeding)… enough to warrant three Advils at a time. Oh, and the antibiotic they gave me (Cipro) has my stomach in knots.

Topping that off was my hubby came down with some sort of sickness, and he’s been in bed for the last day. He spent so much time taking care of me I think I stressed him into illness.

The only bright spot in an otherwise beyond crappy weekend was my best friend drove down from North NJ with her hubby to spend some time with me, S., and David. It was a welcome break from a bad week.

Worst of all, I am back to work today. Work being the furthest thing from my mind.


2 thoughts on “Positivity will get you nowhere

  1. Shelli,Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m sorry that you’re also going through a tough time, but I’m glad you found me. I have to say how excited I was to see your blog — because I truly believe that person can’t have too many handbags!!!

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