It’s an acquired talent

Last night, my son and I were sitting on the floor playing with his Ninja Turtles, Star Wars Sandtroopers, and his “Army men” as he calls them. They were having a battle in the Fisher Price Castle.

I have a habit of always sitting “Indian style” …. whether I am on the floor or on a chair, it’s just more comfortable with my legs contorted than straight out. I know, I am odd. But that’s me.

Anyway, I noticed that David sits the same way I do…. except he calls it “pretzel legs”. So I asked him, “hey David, ask Daddy to do pretzel legs!”

To which my husband, S., gives me that “I can’t believe you told him to ask that knowing I can’t sit with my legs that way if you offered me a million dollars”

Honestly, S. has some sort of defect. He can’t sit Indian style. He tried once and he could barely bend his legs close to his body. It’s like he is jointed wrong. It’s really sad yet funny.

So, then I said, “Honey, Daddy can’t do that, I was just kidding. Daddy’s inflexible, I guess we just have to deal with it.”

To which David said, “Daddy, you are broken, what are we going to do with your inflexible?”

Well said, my son.

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