Rock on!

One of the sweetest bloggy friends a girl could have, Kim, nominated me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger.

I am humbled and ready to get out my guitar and strum a few bars of AC/DC. Oh wait, that’s right, I can’t play guitar. But I still rock, no?

I’m paying it forward to a couple other fellow bloggers that I enjoy, and, truly make the day shine with delight. If you are not reading them, hop to it, because they all ROCK:

Mrs. Schmitty from It’s a Schmitty Life – I love her humor and her kids are just a riot. When I think of fun families I wish I knew IRL, hers takes the cake.

All the ladies over at WMAG Working Moms Against Guilt. This is one of the first blogs I read in the morning. I especially LOVE their Friday Finds posts. These ladies work it, and rock it every day.

Erika over at Plain Jane Mom who has exposed me to so many great blogs other than her own, AND she is a conglomerate of blogs now, her new site Plain Jane Deals is a cool source for stuff on sale. I am addicted.

Sara from Self-Made Mom A fellow working mom whose blog makes me THINK (in a good way), who reminds me that it’s okay to wear flip flops to work, and also reminds me that work-life balance is a moving target that is worth chasing.

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