Good? or really Good?

Well, there is a baby in there. See the grain of rice?

It’s measuring right on. Heartbeat not discernible(yet), Dr. P. wants me to come back next Friday for another scan. He said it’s a little too early to get a read on the heart. I thought I saw a flutter,(so did he) but it was not obvious. Then the conversation went like this:

Dr. P: “Michelle, this pregnancy looks really good.”
Me: “Good like, how? Are you just saying good because you don’t see a heart beat? Good like normal? Are you sugar coating?”
Dr. P: “I don’t sugar coat, by the facts I see here this looks good.”
Me: “So, it’s technically not really good until the next scan and it looks good then, right?”
Dr. P: “I know you are nervous. I am telling you that I see no negative signs at this time”
Me: “So that’s good, right?”

Obviously, since the measurements look good, I feel just a tiny bit of relief. I want the flutter to turn into an undeniable heart beat. I have to tell you, waiting another week will kill me, but for today… I am HAPPY.

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