on a wing and a prayer

Did I call it or what? Today’s u/s = inconclusive.

They saw a sac, with a tiny point that could be a fetal pole. Since I didn’t chart this last cycle, I don’t know when I ovulated (although I am guessing CD 15-17)… so it’s possible that it’s (say it with me) just too early……

So, back to the lab room for more blood, because if it doubled since last draw that would be a good thing.

And repeat u/s scheduled for Friday AM.

So I suppose the end to this story may come today if the bloodwork is poor, otherwise, I have to wait it out for another draw on Thursday and the Friday u/s.

I can’t help but get a bad vibe from this. The only good news is that this pregnancy is definitely intrauterine and not ectopic.

Why can’t it just be simple.


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