David goes to Pre-K

A milestone has been reached in the BagMomma house. David’s teachers have moved him up to the big kid’s class… Pre-K

Where did the time go? It seemed like yesterday when I first brought David to his daycare at 5 months old. A little baby. I cried all the way home that first day after dropping him off. Being without him for 7 hours, three days a week was sheer torture. I remember picking him up on his first full day and wondering if I would recognize my own child amongst 6 babies.

I swear I did.

And, there he was, propped up and sitting on a yellow foam chair, in his Winnie The Pooh overalls, red cheeks, smiling. He didn’t even miss me.

Then time accelerated through the toddler stages and then preschool.

And here we are. Next Monday he starts in his new room. Since it’s Summer Camp Season, he won’t be diving into his subjects until September (its all sun and fun for now). The room has these little desks they sit at for a short time during the school day (to prepare them for the environment when they go to elementary school).

When I picked him up yesterday he hugged me and led me into his soon to be “old” preschool room. In his cubby was a giant blue bag with his summer camp stuff issued from school, a camp t-shirt, and goodies.

And a tag that said, “DAVID – PRE-K”

He picked the bag up, swung it over his shoulder and exclaimed, “Mommy, I am a big boy finally! YAY!”

Finally…. as if each milestone hasn’t mattered along the way.

For him, and most of his friends… they look at the Pre-K room like it is the holy grail of daycare. They wonder what goes on in the room, they see desks and personal computers, and separate art and play rooms. The little kids look though the glass on the way to the other rooms and marvel at “the Pre-K room”.

Where the big kids are. The “cool” kids. Like looking into a fishbowl.

David told me he was going to spend an hour or two in his new class today, so I am betting about now that he has his sh*t-faced grin on.

They grow up so fast.

5 thoughts on “David goes to Pre-K

  1. New to your blog and just wanted to say hello. My oldest who will be 6 this year is starting Kindergarten in the fall and I am sad but excited for him. I wish you the best of luck.

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