And in news unrelated to fertility… :)

The current situation has been taking up a lot of brain and blog space. This weekend was pretty relaxing, consisting of a lot of doing “nothing”.

Which is nice.

I putzed around my Target store, bought a couple of needless items that were on the dollar rack. (is it me this year or was the Target Summer ‘seasonal’ section underwhelming?)

I also took the opportunity to go to the Coach store for the VIP event, and I got a new purse (and wallet) 25% off!
You can’t beat that with a stick.

I am going on record to say that this summer is going to be crazy. I have a bazillion social commimtments (something going on each Sat. or Sun.) every weekend through the end of August. The thing that bums me out is there always seems to be conflicts. So although it’s nice to be social, it sucks when you RSVP to something and then get another invite for the same day. I hate to miss out on people and fun.

And on the fertility front, my pregnant self is still here. I went for another beta this morning, and am feeling less stressed about the results.

It will be or it won’t… worrying won’t make it better.

So, I’ll be back later today with news. Good or bad.

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