Queen of denial

Maybe it’s the progesterone supplements that are making me nauseous. Or the fact that my stomach has been one giant knot since Sunday.

In any event, I am still here, and still pregnant today. I considered driving to CVS Pharmacy to buy a few more HPT’s to see if the line is non-existant or darker, but in reality I am a chump (and a wuss) and the idea of not knowing today seems far better than knowing.

Sometimes being blissfully unaware is a blessing in itself.

My repeat beta is tomorrow morning (Thursday), and I guess I’ll know where this path is leading by tomorrow afternoon.

I hate taking these progesterone supplements, because I feel like it’s masking what’s really going on. I will tell you I certainly feel pregnant today- but that is because of artifical hormones.

One day at a time I guess.

And, for right now it’s still a possibility.

5 thoughts on “Queen of denial

  1. Either way, you’ll have my support, Shelli. I can’t imagine how tense you are waiting. ((hugs))BTW, I was on Prometrium. I’d say my breasts were more tender but never crazy tender, fatigue never really got to me, etc. The worst part was getting too hot to work out! 😉

  2. Good point Beka- I was spending far too much time this morning ‘googling’ and it seems the synthetic progesterone carries side effects, not so much for the natural progesterone.So my symptoms may be either a blessing or a cruel joke.

  3. ((hugs)) Know what, though? Progesterone supplements never made me feel “pregnant,” (though I’m not sure how it feels anyway). I was on them for over a year in the LP. Maybe this is a good sign for you.

  4. You must be feeling so anxious. But you are going to be fine. Just try to find something to keep you busy until tomorrow. I know how hard it must be to keep calm. Fingers here are crossed for you!

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