Here we go (again)

So I took a pregnancy test on Sunday. And it was positive.

So Monday morning I shuffled off to the RE’s office for the obligatory blood draw.

The results came back and were, to say the least, depressing. HcG was a mere 22, P4 a little better at 17.4. This is on 13dpo, by my account.

I know that my ovulation date could be off, and I may have had a late implanter, blah, blah, blah. I just can’t believe I can’t catch a break and just get pregnant and not have to ALWAYS be in this inbetween state.

I call the stats dreadful, but the RE prescribed me a progesterone supplement to get it into the “safer” zone.

Whatever that is.

S. wants me to be hopeful, but you know what, this the the 4th pregnancy that is teetering on questionable.

So, next step is the repeat beta on Thursday. If the numbers don’t more than double, I am doomed.

Please, readers.

I know a lot of you are friends, acquaintances, or mere passers-by.

But if you would please say a tiny prayer for me that this one will be different. I need all the sticky vibes I can get.


6 thoughts on “Here we go (again)

  1. I’m crossing every extremity on my body. I know you probably don’t want to hear this, and I hope it doesn’t offend you somehow. My sister had a situation very similar to yours and had a difficult time getting pregnant ~ had to take the hormones and everything. But she now has three beautiful children. Hang on to hope.

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