Can you get it studded with diamonds?

I don’t know where to start. Have you heard of the Ov Watch? Is it a joke, a fashion-statement, a bonifide fertility aid?

I stumbled on an ad in this month’s Working Mother magazine for The Ov Watch Fertility Predictor.

The advertisement featured a bizarre Swatch-looking watch with the tagline,

“Finding the RIGHT TIME to conceive can be frustrating”…

ooooooh, pure marketing genius there.

After I laughed thinking how dorky it would be to run into someone at the supermarket wearing said watch:

“ooooOOH! Nice watch!”

“It’s my fertility monitor, you like?”

Ok, so after I laughed my ass off I went out to the website for some research, I figured it would be entertaining at the least.

Apparently, this watch is to be worn at night, and registers female hormones from your sweat. So it doesn’t come in 7 fashion colors. Bummer.


and then I saw this quoted gem:

Nearly 66% more pregnancies are estimated to occur by month 6 with OV-Watch over urinary LH kits.

Wow, so that explains why I’m not pregnant!!! I’ve been buying the tried and true LH kits which apparently suck against the Ov Watch. [are you hearing the sarcasm?]

They even have a ‘Get pregnant in 3 months’ offer.

I must be missing the boat.

Jokes aside, I know I have a lot of readers to this blog that are also trying to get pregnant. Have any of you considered this device, used it, effective, or a piece of junk?

I am just so jaded around fertility, I sincerely think that this science seems kinda odd. But that’s just me. If it was so great I have to think I would have heard all my fertility-challenged friends run to the store for this one.

I just keep going back to the thought of getting into bed with the watch on and hubby declaring I am plumb out of my freaking mind.

Yes, I do hinge on the edge of desperate at times, but not there yet. I like my FM and my pee sticks, and I can determine my fertility in the privacy of my own bathroom. Not wear it!

But that’s just me.

3 thoughts on “Can you get it studded with diamonds?

  1. Trista Sutter (of Bachelorette fame) said in the current conceive magazine that it helped her. They basically had two years of unexplained IF but didn’t make it back to the doctor after the initial testing b/c she ended up pg.No, I’m not tempted. I’ll stick with my injectables plan w/monitoring, tyvm!

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