Toxic Thursday

I was hungry this morning. My bagel-fix from Dunkin Donuts just didn’t do it for me. So, I stood in front of the refigerator with the door open, waiting for something to yell, “over heeeeere! eat me!”

and I decided that sharp cheddar cheese was the way to go. You know, those individually wrapped pieces of loveliness that is cheese.

I love cheese.

So anyway, I sit down at my desk and open up the wrapping, fully expecting my mouth to feel satisfied once I chowed down.

But no.

Something did not taste right. It was bad, very bad.

And then I did the most un-ladylike thing I’ve done in ages, I spit it out right on the set of reports I was reviewing for work. My gross profit reports, ruined.

My cheese was in a very bad state of moldly toxic yuckiness. Green and yellow crud….and fuzz! ewwwwwwwwwww!!!

After two teeth brushings and countless gargling of listerine, I checked out the rest of the package of cheese- in date, white, seemingly ok.

I guess there is always a bad apple in the bunch.

That’s what I get for snacking in-between meals. Damn you diet fairies. I was not cheating, it was only 3 points!

3 thoughts on “Toxic Thursday

  1. Hi! I am here fr/ Topmomma. Nice to “meet” you. I read quite a few of your posts and I just want you to know that while I wasn’t infertile for too long, I did have a miscarriage and the loss of a pregnancy is so hard! I will say a special prayer for you tonight that you will be able to get pregnant soon! Although it is so hard to wait, God has that special little baby and will give it to you in just the right time. Stinks to hear that, but it is so true. Had I not had my miscarriage, I wouldn’t have my Madison or Claire!Anyways…. nice to meet ya! Have a great Friday and stop by my place anytime!

  2. I share your love for cheese and am sorry that it turned on you! You should send a letter to the company. They usually send you some good free stuff, as well they should.

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