Not as riveting as Pirates of the Caribbean, but exciting nonetheless

We had a very busy holiday weekend here.

Since S. had off a four day weekend, we spent much of it painting around the house. Primarily the kitchen. We had sealed in a wall that connected our old dining room which is now my office a YEAR ago, and the spackled new drywall remained for 12 months until this weekend.

Since Lowe’s was having a paint sale, we decided that it was finally time to finish what we started. I am now convinced that the kitchen is THE hardest room to paint, considering what we thought would be a day or work turned into almost three.

I guess I should have shot a “before” photo, to truly admire how dark and danky the kitchen was. Half of it was a medium stone-brown and the other was blue. Our house is only 7 years old but the kitchen looked like a dungeon.

Behold the results, brighter and it looks clean!
We painted the ceilings and even the bead-board that the construction guys installed last year.Check one big item off the major to-do list.

Next items on the list, a new front door and landscaping around the patio. I’m already thinking of subbing out the landscaping. The reason we keep putting it off is it’s sooo labor intensive. I mean, who really wants to shovel dirt in 90 degree weather?

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