Friends of the infertile

This post title sounds like a support group, doesn’t it?

I’ve been meaning to link to a post I read awhile back from a fellow blogger, Tertia, from So Close.

How to be Good Friends with an Infertile is one of those blog posts that knocks you down with a feather. Every word Tertia wrote had meaning to me.

The one thing I have found really difficult over the last couple of years is dealing with the dimwitted comments from acquaintances on the subject of my current state of pseudo-infertility. I say “pseudo” because I have been able to get pregnant multiple times in the last two years, we just can’t hold on to a pregnancy. Comments range from the ever popular, “what’s taking you so long?” to “it’ll happen if you just don’t think about it”.
uh, yeah. I’ll just stop thinking about trying, you really are a big help.

Thank goodness acquaintances are just that…. acquaintances.

As for the people I love and family/friends that are close to me, they tend to not bring up the subject of my current state at all anymore…. fearful that they may say the wrong thing or that I might cry at the drop of a hat. The fact is, I don’t mind talking about it. This is a big part of my life at the moment.

I don’t expect my 80 year old aunt to say or do the right things. I don’t want to be treated like I am a fragile shell, or handled with kid gloves. I am a big girl. But occasionally I am pissed off at the outright insensitivity of people, and in reality, those people tend not to be my friends anyway.

But if you are a friend of mine IRL, it’s worth noting that this article details everything I have felt and wished others knew.

Read it and share with others. Most of all, a friend.

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