Tale of two leases

My lease is almost up on my gas guzzling 2004 V8 Ford Explorer.

My goals for the next car…..
-no gas guzzler
-no ridiculous payment

And I don’t want a “car”.. meaning, sedan. And I don’t want a honking big SUV either.

So since hubby works in the car business (and gets a deep discount) we started traipsing around the various dealers owned by his company. We are limited to only certain dealers, which makes it challenging. After endless evenings of visits and internet inventory browsing, we have come to the realization that leases are becoming ridiculous. For the same vehicle I have now, if I wanted to lease another one, I would have to pay $120 more a month.

NO WAY. buh-bye Explorer.

If we are paying a cheaper lease payment than the public, what the heck are the rest of you paying?

I have a fundamental dislike for leases, but since we are linked to the “biz”, hubby always likes to buy one car and lease one. My car is the leased one.

I have rules about getting into a lease that I do not waiver on:

1. I WILL NOT put money down on a lease. This is the shadiest deal of the century for car dealers. If you are “renting” a car, there is never a good reason to put cash down on a lease. never. never. never.
2. I WILL NOT accept a lease more than 36-39 months in term. Why? Because most warranties end at 3 years, and who wants to buy new tires and brakes for a car you are GIVING BACK.

So we are at a crossroad of sorts. The car I really like is slightly above my budget (it’s a Lincoln) but the morons won’t pick up my remaining two lease payments I owe on the Explorer (at least right now…). This car is heavenly. It’s the color I want. It has the options I want. I love this car. Behold….

The other car I am considering is the same vehicle essentially, but on the Ford platform. In my budget dollarwise, but looks a little cheaper design-wise (cause Lincolns are so much more snazzy), Ford will let me leave my lease today. They don’t have my “ultimate”vehicle sitting on any of the lots. But it is a very nice car, just not 100% what I want.

The kicker here is it’s the same lease company for the Lincoln and the Ford…. and I am already a customer….. but Lincoln won’t pick up my payments because I currently own a Ford. WTF!?!

It’s the same freaking company for gosh sakes.

So we are in a bit of a quandary. I am quite okay with letting it go and seeing what Ford pops on the lot hoping it’s the one I want. We still have two months to go.

But S. is now in obsession mode. You have no idea what that’s like. Sort like pulling a dog away from a big fat bone.

decisions, decisions….

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