Safety first!

It’s almost summer, and it’s that time of year for vacations and day-trips to fun family places.

Believe it or not, we have another trip planned this summer (as if our vacation last week wasn’t enough!). We will be heading to Disney World in late August for our annual pilgrimage.

Now, normally I am a very easy-going Mommy in public places with my son. I give him room to roam while still keeping an intentive eye on him. But frankly, kids in theme parks can be a worrying place and downright scary, especially when the crowds are large. I mean, how many eyes can you have on your child(ren) at any given time?

I found a website with a cool idea. Actually, I first heard about this on “The View” some time ago, but I never blogged about it, so consider this a BagMomma PSA for child safety.

Who’s Shoe ID is a nifty way to safeguard your child in the event of (god forbid) you lose track of them in a place like a theme park. No one likes to plan for emergencies, but I think it’s a great idea to be prepared nonetheless.

Simply fill out the info and attach to your child’s shoe. I plan to buy a couple myself. It’s amazing how simple of an idea this is. So much easier that trying to get a four year old to memorize their address and phone number. Challenging isn’t even the word for that!

Happy and safe travels my friends!

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