do I really, really have to??????

I am sounding like a whiny kid today, my first day back to work.

So far, I’ve read 100 e-mails from work, and have been able to fly under the radar without anyone pinging me. I figure they’ll give me till after lunch to get my ass in gear and then IM’s will start flying.

I am also grumpy because I have returned to the world of dieting. I took a little respite on vacation (although I never did get that ice cream I wanted), so it’s back on the wagon today. I am s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g.

Someone throw me a cyber donut, please. I need a fix that yogurt just can’t fill.


Oh, and I did go to the post office this morning and bought my 2 cent stamps. I am ready to catch up on some serious bill paying.

I am stressing out that I didn’t have time yet to watch Lost, AI, DWTS, Greys Anatomy, or Heroes or any of my DVR’d stuff from last week. Although I did notice that Billy Ray Cyrus was booted off DWTS last week. Hallelujah for that. Don’t tell me you ever thought he was a good dancer. And I hate his latest grunge look…. well at least he lost that mullet.

Off topic.

I still have not gone to the grocery store yet either. Shopping for food pains me. Especially when I am just back from vacation.

Come on, isn’t my life utterly exciting????

You secretly wish you were me today, right?

aaaaaah, darnit. Someone is pinging me. Cripes. So much for easing into work.

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