Things that bug me

I swear, I’m not cranky. I’ve had this list floating in my head for awhile and I figure if I put pen to paper, em, fingers to keyboard, I can clear my mind.

Things/people that annoy the heck out of me:

1. People that do not use turn signals when driving
2. Litter
3. Irresponsible parents
4. Elisabeth Hasselbeck (don’t get me started, once I get on a political rant it’s hard to stop. Listening to her debate her love of Geo Bush and his policies make me want to jump through the TV)
5. Children with crappy manners (we all know the attention span of a toddler is short, I’m talking the chronic toddler-speak, “gimme that” “I want that”)
6. Intolerance
7. Ziploc bags (the ones that don’t have the dohickey gadget thing to close them)
8. My HP Printer that has a mind of it’s own
9. Mean people
10. Computer passwords (I only have, like 50 of them, which I have to print out on paper to remember them, hence, negating the security of passwords).

aaaaah, I feel better now. So therapeutic.

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