Linky love: Workin’ Moms Edition

I read many blogs in the course of a day (I love the celeb trash ones, but let’s face it.. do we really care if Britney Spears ever makes a comeback??), but the ones I enjoy most are the ones I can relate to as a working mom… thoughts on how to get through the day, tips, and discussions that ignite a spark on issues that intrigue me.

One of my favorites is Work It: A Blog for Working Moms. A great hodgepodge of Mom-centric topics that will entertain you or get you thinking. A great site you should not miss.

Another fave is Working Moms Against Guilt… could there be a better title than that? I especially love their “Finds” and their humor… always great with a cup of coffee when I’m taking a break from the work day.

Lastly, check out for ideas on how to deal with a boss who doesn’t appreciate the finer points of work/life balance or just for some tips on streamlining your day.

Thank goodness for all the resources like these which are so accessible in our technology-driven world.

You are just a mouse-click away from a better day.

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