Yes, the world may very well be ending

Let me just say that living in an area of the country with few(er) meteorological events has its advantages most of the time.

No earthquakes here.. few tornadoes. Not much in the way of weather on a normal day in New Jersey.

However, I have to say that this Nor’easter currently (still) kicking our butts here in the Northeast has been powerful, scary, and sorta like Cybill…. a mind of her own with multiple personalities.

It has rained for more than two days. When I say rain, I don’t mean the on and off variety… we’re talking driving rain…. since the night before last. It just never stopped.

Our street has been a river. I swore I saw ducks gliding down it like it was the river rapids ride at the local theme park.

In the last 8 hours, SNOW and sleet. Again, not the light variety.

I stopped at Dunkin Donuts this morning and got soaked just opening the window at the drive-thru.

We (me, hubby and David) were awake most of the night. The wind, sleet, hail worrying. I feel like the house is going to lift off the foundation and (ala Wizard of Oz) and spin off into the atmosphere.

And, I should mention… I took the day off today to go shopping for our upcoming vacation in two weeks. Yeah, geeeeeeez.


I guess I’ll go clean my closet instead. Maybe I’ll find an unused Coach bag I forgot about.

Sorta like treasure hunting for Moms on the day the world is coming to an end.

Or something like that.

2 thoughts on “Yes, the world may very well be ending

  1. Wow! We’ve been hearing all about it on the news. Here, in Charleston, we’ve just had to deal with some pretty intense wind. The gusts yesterday were close to hurricane strength — high enough to knock out the power to most of the city for a few hours. Not to mention I almost blew away walking to my car after getting my paper from Barnes & Noble. Hope you guys dry out soon! 🙂

  2. I know what you mean about this rain. Ugh…with the new puppy it’s just been SO fun going outside a million times to housebreak her! I feel like I’ve been showering with my clothes on.

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