The sound of silence

aaaaah, it’s Monday.

And as with all Mondays after a holiday, it was especially difficult to get up this morning. I am still suffering from the latest miscellaneous infection dujour… the good news is my voice is finally coming back. I’ve never totally lost my voice before from being sick, so I lived part of last week and the weekend learning how much it interferes with one’s day when you can’t speak.

Case in point, try to do a couple of minor errands with no voice. I took David with me to the Post Office to get some stamps and I had to pretty much play charades with nice postal employee behind the counter. All while David kept saying, “my Mommy can’t find her voice”. As if I lost it in the parking lot.

Next, a quick stop at the grocery store. I was fine until I got to the checkout line and checkout girl gave me a look like why won’t this woman talk to me. She was babbling to my son about the Easter Bunny while I tried to get her attention to say, normally I can do small talk but not today.

Then, a quick detour to Dunkin Donuts drive-thru…. it wasn’t until I heard the voice on the other end that I remembered hey, I can’t talk. I mustered every being of my body to say, “medium, just cream”… and was about to sheepishly bail out of the line until my son yelled from the back seat. “Medium coffee, just cream!”, and thank the lord they heard him.

My little guy saved my day.

And, after Sunday…a day of eating and fun… candy and toys… and wine with dinner (which I shouldn’t have had in hindsight with the drugs I’m on), I am beat this morning.

Getting the little man up was challenging too. David fell back asleep three times before I could get him out the door to preschool. Once when S. brought him downstairs, again when we tried to wake him up in the recliner, and the third time he fell asleep as I carried him to the bathroom to brush his teeth (the bathroom is merely 30 steps from the family room).

He slept on the way to school too, but thankfully he perked up when we got out of the car.

If I had any sense at all I would have taken today off. But then again sensibility is lost in the mire coming off of wine, overeating, antibiotics, and Tylenol PM.

So here we are and a full work week staring me straight in the eyes.

Welcome to Monday, friends.

2 thoughts on “The sound of silence

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