Would you be having Dove or Irish Spring this evening?

Last night David was brushing his teeth (S. was in there with him) and he came out of the bathroom and said…

“Mommy, Daddy said he’s f*&king done.” “I think we need to wash his mouth out with soap!”

You know, it’s bad enough that David knows the bad words, thankfully, I have gotten it into his head that he should not speak them. Especially in school or to Grandmas and Grandpas.

However, he has deemed himself the potty mouth police and is now ratting out his own father.

I love it.

The source of the potty words come primarily from S. He works in the auto business where a sentence isn’t a sentence without a four-letter word in it. He tries to keep it in check when he gets home, but he just has a habit of slipping up every once in awhile.

Unfortunately, he always manages to slip up in front of his son.

I know S. feels bad about it.

What’s that old saying, “Do as I say but not as I do”?

S. is such a good role model and dad to David. I just wish he could put the brakes on the language.

After all, I manage to think about what I say (before I say it) in front of David… of course, I am perfect you know. lol.

And I never tasted a bar of soap! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Would you be having Dove or Irish Spring this evening?

  1. LOL! I loved the bit about the potty mouth police. My husband has a hard time with four letter words also. You are lucky that your son knows that the words shouldn’t be said, enough to rat out his dad… At least you know he won’t be using those words himself…At least for the time being…

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