Random thoughts

AI last night…..sigh…. where o where do I begin??? I still hold to my prediction that 3 boys will be the first to go home on American Idol. Unfortunately, we are stuck with Sanjaya and his hair for another week. Once again people…. WHY are you voting for this guy???????

I’m okay with celebs getting their free grab bags of gifts at every turn, but I think it should stop here. If I wanted to adopt a child (which I’m seriously still considering), I would be waiting the better part of 18 months to two years. Angelina picks out kids like I pick out handbags.

DID you watch LOST last night??? Holy cow, this is finally getting good. Check out Shannon’s commentary. Don’t click the link if you haven’t watched your DVR’ed or TIVO’d episode yet.

For the newer mamas out there, check out my bloggy friend Kim’s diaper clutch wristlet. She is a very talented handbag designer… and Kim, if you are reading this, if and when I have a need for diapers again (hopefully soon god willing), I’ll be signing up for two of these. So darn cute!!!

Got any weekend plans? I actually do for once. Tomorrow, S. and I are heading to a local winery for the weekend for an overnight getaway with my brothers-in-law and their lovely wives (hi, J!) They have an inn on the property, so you know what I’ll be doing tomorrow night…. vast quantities of food and drink. Do you think I should count the WW points or not? lol.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Awwww, Shelli! Thanks for the compliment! You’ll be needing them soon enough…I’m sending you positive thoughts from the Heartland! And drink a glass of Merlot for me!

  2. What the heck was up with Jack and that little game of football?!ps I heard about Angelina’s newest aquisition on the radio yesterday, and it just made me a little sick. All the men and women desperately wanting a baby, and she just up and picks the one she wants without so much as batting an eyelash. Not fair.

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