A little inspiration

Yesterday, I had my u/s at the RE’s office. The good news, no cysts or anything that may be hindering me on the fertility front.

Bloodwork, all done. Results still not known.

Next Monday is the HSG, which will complete the picture for testing. After the HSG is done, we will have a bonifide plan of action.

I am happy that Dr. P has me on this accelerated pace. It makes me feel like I am moving towards my goal.

As I was driving home yesterday, I passed the most peculiar sign on the way home. It was a quote that someone put on the local elementary school announcement board (you know, the kind of sign that you can slide letters on and off).

“The world says it’s not possible… but hope whispers to try it one more time.”

To be honest I would expect to maybe see that in front of a church, it was odd that someone spelled it out on the school sign.

Nevertheless, it was a dose of inspiration well received!

One thought on “A little inspiration

  1. Yeah, it really sounds like your RE is moving things along. Its great your ultrasound came up looking good. Lots of people have success after an HSG too! I know I felt so good after seeing my RE…knowing there was a “strategy” ahead. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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