As in the TV show, that is.
I have been addicted to this show just as much as I’ve been addicted to walking in the kitchen and opening my fridge for no reason (if you are not an emotional eater on WW at the moment, you will NOT understand that comment)…

Anyway, since Lost now airs at 10pm ET I go through this weekly ritual now. Watch American Idol (Antonella still can’t sing btw) and then TRY to stay awake until 10pm.

I’ve only been able to keep my eyes open twice, but thanks to DVR (love ya honey) I can now watch it whenever I want in its HDTV glory.

Before I started work today, and after I dropped off David at school, I watched the episode with my Dunkin Donuts coffee (shhhhhhh….)

I am one of those Lost viewers that has been slightly annoyed that the writers still can’t throw the TV audience a bone lately. I am all for mysteries.. but I get a little peeved if I don’t get some sort of ability to connect the dots on an outstanding question.

Hello? Remember Penny Widmore at the North Pole with the two scientist guys from last season’s finale??? Like, 12 episodes and a year ago? What’s with that??

But I digress.

Last night’s Hurley-centric episode answered nothing really… but I loved it. It was FUNNY and LIGHT-HEARTED and my favorite part was Sawyer’s little comments to Hurley, Charlie and Jin. To Jin: “Looks like somebody’s hooked on Phonics” To Hurley: “Hey, Snuffy” “What’s Jiminy Cricket doin’ here?”

As Sawyer and Jin pushed the van, I was waiting for him to say something like… “There goes Scooby and Shaggy in the Mystery Machine, those crazy kids…” well, he didn’t, but it was all good.

It’s nice to see the writers lighten up a little. And watching them drive that van in circles was a hoot. Hurley is one of my favorite characters, and I loved the idea of Hurley regaining his faith.

“You can make you own luck” as Hurley said. Indeed, something I should remember.

One thought on “Get LOST

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love Lost, but I didn’t get to see it last night. we had severe weather in our area and the entire show was pre-empted for weather updates. The local station is saying they will rebroadcast it soon.Great blog! Hope you have a terrific day!

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