The evil empire of chicken

I recently made my monthly (weekly, lol) pilgrimage to Target. You know, the one I LOVE with the Starbucks in it… and I almost drove off the road when I pulled into the shopping center.

There, positioned in front of the parking lot of perhaps the greatest department store conglomerate in the world with the heavenly scent of Lattes drifting out… was…

a Chick-Fil-A

OMG, now let me say this. I am not into fast food. I can appreciate McDonald’s french fries, but I don’t frequent fast food because the grease just tears up my stomach. So, as a rule I try to avoid them, except when the little guy wants his Happy Meal.

But holy, moly, a Chick-Fil-A!!!!!!

I had visions of chicken nuggets, waffle fries and yummy cole slaw.

I told my son we will never frequent McD’s again…. a Happy Meal is good (to him) but a kids meal at Chick-Fil-A??? Heaven.

Since that day, hubby, David and I have driven by to see the progress of the store as it was being built.

OMG! The bricks are up!

OMG! They are starting on the inside of the restaurant!

OMG! It looks like they are almooooost open!

I know,

it’s sad. but we all have our things, right?

So if you are looking for me, you better believe I will be in the shopping center on Cross Keys Road on a pretty regular basis.

Oh yeah……..

I’ll be the woman with the Target bags, Starbucks non-fat soy latte, and a chicken sandwich.

Don’t worry, I won’t wear my sweats. I might scare you.

3 thoughts on “The evil empire of chicken

  1. Oh I haven’t had a Chick-Fil-A in . . . . I can’t remember when. Sigh. Well, you have succeeded in making my stomach growl and me a very jealous person. You should be ashamed of your chicken-loving self. You lucky girl. I think I will pout now. 😦

  2. Oh Kim- you poor girl! I had no idea they use peanut oil. I am very sad about that for you. Perhaps they will move to another oil as many of the fast-food chains have recently?

  3. I loooooooove their waffle fries!! We got our first one here in KC before Christmas, but since they fry their chicken in peanut oil and my son is deathly allergic to nuts, we can’t got there. 😦 Sniff,sniff.

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