Random thoughts

It’s Monday…. President’s Day. Do you have off for this fine holiday? I don’t. It’s just another working day for me. But if you do have a vacation day today, enjoy it!

David was sick over the weekend. He had a low-grade fever, and spent most of the weekend puking. Poor little guy. Yesterday, he spent the better part of the day curled up with me on the recliner. Feeling much better today though.

Poor Britney, has that girl lost her flippin’ mind? I guess if you are rich and famous, having a rough patch in life is a paparazzi dream. Girl needs a mentor. Someone to smack her back into reality.

I am geek enough to say that I am anticipating the next installment of Dancing With the Stars. It’s a guilty pleasure. Rumor has leaked out that “90210” star Ian Ziering and *NSYNC member Joey Fatone are two of the celebs joining this season.

On a personal note, I lost 3 lbs. at Weight Watchers this week! Cheers to me.

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