If it ain’t broke, how do you fix it?

So, I got back my last test results of my fertility work up, and


all normal.

While I love to know that I am the poster-child for fertile normalcy, I am growing more concerned that finding nothing to fix is much more difficult than being defective.

So, at this point, my OB agreed to transfer my bloodwork and history to an RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist).


you guessed it… more bloodwork.

If anything, the hope is that I can at least get pregnant faster, so if I am doomed to miscarrying again and again I don’t lose more valued time as I creep further towards (gasp) 40 years of age.

So call me gloomy today. It’s hard not to grow more ambivalent about all of this, but I won’t give up… not yet anyway.

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