It took them since last August to figure this out??

So, I’m half-listening to Good Morning America this morning, and I hear there’s a recall on Peter Pan peanut butter.

hmmm, I think…. I just opened a new jar of Peter Pan.

Salmonella! I hear

People hospitalized!

still typing my e-mail, half listening…

I hear the lot number in question…

I happen to walk into the kitchen, and look at the jar just for kicks (because I am never, ever affected by a recall) and,

holy smokes! I have a jar of salmonella peanut butter!

Then it dawns on me that I sent David to school with an infected sandwich.


So, I call the school, tell them to throw out the sandwich. No problem, they say. They are doing pizza today anyway since they are having a belated valentine’s day party today (school was closed yesterday from the ice storm we had here).

Disaster averted.

I know David is probably so mad right now, because next to chicken nuggets and broccoli his favorite food is PB&J.

Read about the recall here, and check those jars!
Peanut Butter recall

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