Mommy blogging: the good, the bad, the tragically hip

James Poniewozik just penned an article for Time magazine, titled
Too Cool for Preschool

In it, he talks about what he calls “the new species of chatty dad and mom: the hipster parent-memoirist.”

Are mommy and daddy bloggers like me doing a disservice to our little ones by putting their life moments on display?? on, (gasp) the internet??

I don’t think so. My writing is about me and my life, my struggles as a working mom/wife, my thoughts (on *many* things as you already know), and my son is a big part of who I am.

I will continue to blog, and I hope that my memories (funny/serious) give David a viewpoint of who I am (and who I was). I would hope he wouldn’t be embarrassed of me, but you know what… kids being embarrassed by their parents is nothing new.
A tale as old as time….

The fact is, I was born into the generation of technology. My son, even more so. It’s the way of the world, and I don’t think blogging is a passing fad, it’s here today and probably will only be replaced by newer and bigger ways for people to share and collaborate.

And on the subject of living our lives through our kids, when is that new? I would imagine if you are an artist your child may have a better appreciation of the art world than another. It is what it is. Whether you are hip/not hip, the natural tendency for parents to live a little of what they loved/missed as a child is nothing new either.

My husband buys our son Harley Davidson shirts all the time, because it’s my husband’s hobby, and David loves to wear those shirts, because they represent Daddy, and something Daddy loves.

David knows most of the words to the songs of my U2 collection, he knows mommy loves to carry “so many” purses (that’s his lingo), and he can spot a Saturn car on the road because his Daddy works for Saturn.

As far as “hipness” as a parent, if I am does that make my kid hip too? Perhaps, but consider this…

If you spend a lot of time listening to the Sex Pistols, why wouldn’t your kid? “Hipness” really doesn’t matter… children get joy from things their parents enjoy. No one is purposefully raising a child to be “hip”. We raise our kids in the only way we know how, and children have a knack for emulating their parents because that’s just nature.

Labelling should be avoided at all costs, because we all know where that road leads don’t we?

Lots to think about.

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