Wow, didn’t you know you are famous?

I am getting a little annoyed at the evening “entertainment” shows.

Ok… really annoyed.

I am okay if they want to do story after story on the supposed “anorexic” celebrities. I don’t care about the anorexic celebrities. Really, I don’t. Whatever floats your boat. I guess when you have money, it’s appropriate to starve yourself, and the logic in that just doesn’t add up for me… but to each is own.

I say, go eat a donut.

Hell, I’ll have it for you, Mary Kate, Nicole, Kate… in fact, I’ll have one for each of you.

However, the thing that has outraged me lately is the stories these “entertainment” shows give airtime to… Real people with issues. People who are NOT entertainers. No-names like me. People that need medical intervention… not a camera in their face.

Case in point, the recent story “The Insider” kicked to death on the two Australian twins who were anorexics. Will they live? Will they die? Let’s watch then eat a meal, let’s send a (formerly) anorexic celebrity to show them the light to a good burger!!! Let’s see if they die while we are broadcasting their story! Great ratings!

I cringed at this, what the hell? THAT is entertainment??? Must have been a slow month with no recently “weight-outed” celebs.

Recently, they did it again…. covering a “news” story about a 5 yr old little girl who weighs 400 pounds. They show her struggling to move, breath, sit. The cameras zoom in on her face, trying to make a case that they are “sad” for her. Between the TV lines, you can just hear the message being delivered. Poor fat girl, look at her family, what do you expect? Circus side-show and all… tragic.

Even Dr. Phil would have offered the family some help.

I was so pissed at this segment I stopped watching the show, so I don’t know the end of the story.

But let me say this to CBS, who supports these type of stories on celeb-driven news shows. You suck. There are better ways to make a dime.

I won’t spend another moment viewing your “entertainment”. Instead of exposing people to your version of low-brow stories and calling it entertainment, why don’t you take a step back and do something really innovative…

Deliver celebrity news. You’re just so good at that.

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