The best laid plans….

So now that I got that out of system (I feel so much better!) I wanted to mention I had a great anniversary dinner with S.

The in-laws took David for the whole night, and we were excited. What trouble could we get into just the two of us? We thought about driving to our favorite late-night spot and having some fun. Doing something unplanned and spontaneous! We got dressed up, full of energy…

We went to our favorite restaurant for lobster. It was out of this world. The kind of meal that you fondly remember for days…

Then we decided to stop at home, to “rest” for a bit.

Hmmmm.. where will we go, what will we do??? And, then, this exchange:

Me: so what do you want to do?
Hubby: what do you want to do?
Me: I don’t know, I’m thinking…
[5 minutes passes while we watch TV]
Hubby: so whatta you want to do?
Me: I don’t know, maybe…… what do you want to do?
[silence for 30 seconds]
Hubby [scrolling thru the OnDemand cable menu]: oh, I wanted to see this movie.
Me: awesome, I’ll go get changed!

And so ended our night out. lol.

Of course, it actually turned out really, really nice. And, we slept in.. without our 5am wakeup call from the little guy.

A great night indeed.

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