The best of: David TV

What is a three year old toddler watching these days on TV?

My son is the conoisseur of the PBS Kids Sprout channel. He’s a cartoon snob, can’t get him to watch Nick Jr or Disney anymore, it’s all about PBS.

Here is a list of his favorites he likes to watch as he sits back with this “2007 Reserve” cup of Apple Juice:

Kipper: He’s a dog with friends, and an annoyingly cute theme song.

Fireman Sam: What’s life without firetrucks? David has been watching this show the longest. Interesting viewing for parents who always wondered what’s going on in Wales. Apparently, the world revolves around Sam and an Italian restaurant (go figure). Let’s not forget Norman’s Mom who looks AND sounds suspiciously like Dana Carvey’s Church Lady (from SNL)… or a cross-dressing George Bush.

Caillou: ah yes, the ever-present Caillou. I think I know all 50 episodes by heart. Poor sister Rosie is always pushed off to the side while Caillou whines to his parents on each episode. What is with this family? At least the cat, Gilbert, Rexy the Dinosaur, and Teddy (the bear) offer mild entertainment between sketches.

6 thoughts on “The best of: David TV

  1. Oh wow! My son doesn’t watch PBS, except for Elmo of course. He is two. But my OTHER son who is 6 wants to watch it all the time. The little one is obsessed with Dora, Blues Clues, and this weird show called “Maggie and the Farocious beast.” Or something like that. I have to record these shows on the DVR. Oh and the only movie he has watched OVER and OVER since November…is The Grinch.

  2. I’m so with you on Caillou. My almost 6 year old STILL loves this one. I always have to laugh when Caillou whines and sounds EXACTLY like my daughter. I’m not sure if they know the mind of a child or the child justs mimics the cartoon. LOL.

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