The possessed pony

We gave David this pony the Christmas before last. It was the hit of the holiday.

When you press it’s ear it plays “Home on the Range”.
When you press the other ear, it makes a galloping sound.

David named his pony, Horsie, and lately it’s been collecting dust in out newly finished basement.

Horsie obviously is not happy with his living situation, as he has now taken to singing when no one is in the room, not even on the same floor.

I’ve been on the phone upstairs, on a business call (no one home but me) and Horsie sings the entire first verse. At Random.

Is pony possessed? I am not entirely sure what the story is, but I have a hard time understanding how it could just start singing without someone pressing his ear. Sometimes I think he is crying out for attention. Poor pony. Maybe he needs a pony friend.

Very odd indeed.

2 thoughts on “The possessed pony

  1. How do you think Horsie would react to a new pony friend? The transition might be hard on him, since he’s the only one. And how about David? Will you still have time to spend with him while doing all those extra chores involved with having a new pet? ;o)Beka (lawwife)

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