System Failure

Well, on the eve of my birthday, I am rewarded with not just the knowledge that my reproductive system is not working well, now I find out my immune system has also checked out on me.

Or disappointed me I should say.

I have a lousy, yucky cold (or the beginnings of the flu methinks). Chills, headache, sore throat… etc.

Oh yeah, and PINK eye too (complements of my son’s preschool class). David has it too, and now hubby likely as well… so we are all sharing the same Gentamicin eyedrops.

David cried bloody murder this morning when I was trying to dispense said eyedrops. Does he think I do this for fun??

He was allowed back to school today, and when the teacher greeted him, David said….
“My Mommy really hurted me”.

You should have heard me explaining the morning to his teacher. I’m sure if I didn’t say anything CPS would be at my door.

And it’s not even the end of the week yet.

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