Not again

My dream is, again, short lived. Another miscarriage.

I can’t find the words to express how devastated I am. “Not again, not again!!” I keep repeating it hoping that if I say it enough time will reverse and allow me a do over.

It just doesn’t seem fair that lightening should strike twice. I worked so hard to stay optimistic from the miscarriage last year. I had hope that it was a freak occurrance, not to be repeated.

I’ve been reduced to a statistic. Again.

I don’t even have the heart to call my OB. For what? So they can tell me to come in for more bloodwork in two weeks to confirm I am a reject????

I really just can’t do this anymore.

4 thoughts on “Not again

  1. Thanks guys, for your support!I am feeling defeated at the moment… I know I’ll feel better in days to come, I just wish I could move past this day, it’s when the pain is raw and emotions are at an all-time high… (sigh)

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