Give a hoot don’t pollute

Give a hoot, don’t pollute
Never be a dirty bird
In the city or in the woods
Help keep America looking good!

If you are a child of the 70’s, you’ll remember this little jingle from our friend Woodsy the Owl. Looking at it now, it seems a bit weird… I mean, who approved of the “dirty bird” phrase in the song? That’s just odd, even for an owl.

Anyway, I was watching TV over the weekend, and the subject of a news story was, “What irks you?”

My answer is LITTER.

I’ve driven down rural roads in my town, observing other people’s mess, and have to admit I am disgusted at the total lack of decency some people have. Everything you can think of was tossed along these roads. Tires, fast food containers, bottles, diapers, bags, I even saw someone dumped an old weight bench on the side of the road.

What are people thinking??

Each day I drive out of my nice neighborhood, I see a perfect example… Someone unknown (who I assumes lives here) has a penchant for emptying their cigarette ashes and butts from their car right at the corner. On the ground. Every day there is a new pile of crap in the middle of the road.

If I wasn’t so busy, I’d go on a stakeout and try to catch them. I’d chastize them (nicely of course) about their littering. Then perhaps find out where they live so if I am in the mood, I can dump out my trash on their lawn. Oh, there, there, I am just kidding!!

I’ve participated in some volunteer clean-ups in the past, and it defies logic how much crap people think is ok to just chuck on the ground. And, the sad fact is that there are so many people who pay little attention to this epidemic of bad manners.

So, if you are guilty of polluting.. STOP! You can reform yourself! Think about what you are doing to your environment.. the place YOU live in.

Don’t stomp out your cigarette on the ground, have a heart.
Don’t spit your gum on the ground.. some innocent person will be really angry if they step on it. Worse yet, their toddler might pick it up and try to eat it as a snack. Trust me, I know this.

Use the proper receptacle for your refuse….

Please don’t be a dirty bird! Woodsy the Owl is watching you… and probably me.

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