100 things about me

It’s finally here, my 100th post. Doesn’t time just fly?

As a celebration of this momentous achivement, I bring you a blog favorite,
100 Things About Me:

1. I was born on the most uncelebrated holiday ever, Groundhog’s Day.
2. My favorite foods are pizza, crab cakes, a nice steak, and nachos with beef and LOTS of cheese.
3. No, I could never be a vegan, for the above reasons.
4. I have one brother, George who hates that I still refer to him as Georgie.
5. I LOVE the band U2.
6. I own no less than 100 handbags.
7. My favorite TV shows are Lost, House, and Grey’s Anatomy
8. I like to cook
9. I belong to a gym, but I wish I spent more time there (and my ass does too).
10. I am a self-taught computer techie (you should see me take apart a pc, sometimes I scare me).
11. I work at home.
12. I secretly wish that I could be a mountain-climber or a figure skater.
13. My family calls me Shelli, but my real name is Michelle
14. I can’t start my mornings without Dunkin Donuts coffee
15. I shop on-line because malls scare me
16. My first kiss was with my husband at the age of ten
17. It bothers me that I can’t fathom that the universe is unending. Try to wrap your head around that…. see what I mean?
18. My family’s favorite vacation spot is Disney World
19. My Mom and Dad own a small business that is nearly 40 years old.
20. I LOVE my “Seven” brand jeans
21. I hardly ever go to the drycleaner… EVERYTHING is washable, except for suits.
22. I hate, hate, hate to grocery shop
23. I love to burn candles in my house
24. My favorite drink is a green apple martini
25. My obsession to be pregnant again has been driving me mad
26. I wish I had a maid.
27. I miss my Grandmother dreadfully.
28. I like only black ink pens
29. I collect (and sell) Longaberger baskets.
30. I once slept out for tickets to see Duran Duran, The Cure, Depeche Mode, aah to be young and stupid.
31. I can’t make a pie from scratch
32. My best friend is Stephanie, my roomie from college. I am sure I knew her in another life.
33. Speaking of weird stuff, I believe in ghosts and “good” psychics
34. I have seen a ghost
35. I love rollercoasters
36. I wish I could say “no” more often than I do
37. I used to speak German (pretty well)
38. My favorite trip ever was a student trip to Europe to see Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.
39. My first cat was named Muffin.
40. My favorite cat is my current cat, Luke (named after Luke Perry).
41. I am scared to turn 40 (I have no idea why)
42. I am very crafty, and love to paint
43. My sign is Aquarius
44. I love my husband’s gray hair.
45. I love the smell of my son’s head.
46. I used to have the nickname, Spike, in high school.
47. People think I am outgoing, but I really am secretly shy (I used to be afraid to speak in groups but work has turned me into a chatterbox in front of people).
48. I actually buy items from QVC and I am not an old gray-haired lady.
49. I never carry change in my purse… I have about 6 or 7 jars of change that one day will make me rich when I get my butt to the local Coinstar machine!
50. I’m more comfortable in sneakers than shoes.
51. I can’t bear to dye my own hair, so I spend $150 every other month at a ridiculously high priced salon to do it for me.
52. I LOVE to wrap gifts
53. I drive a Ford Explorer
54. I listen to Preston & Steve on the radio every morning (you need to be local to Philly to know that… but they have a great podcast… check it out!)
55. I always wished I had long hair, but my hair is so thin I would look terrible. Maybe I’ll get fabulous extensions one day!
56. I go to bed at 9pm on average… but I get up at 5am.
57. I love to people watch
58. I prefer Coke over Pepsi
59. I dislike showy, pretentious people
60. I don’t use sugar in my coffee
61. I don’t clean windows.
62. I haven’t cleaned the cat litter in 4 years (Hubby does it)
63. I have about 20 bottles of shower gel (just in case I run out).
64. I once had a drink with Robert Downey Jr.
65. Speaking of celebrities, I crashed a benefit at the old Vista hotel in 1998 in NYC and met Lenny Kravitz and Susan Lucci.
66. I peed next to Joan Collins at same event in the ladies bathroom. Yes, I also stood at the mirror and saw an inch of makeup on her. And, man, is she tiny!
67. Continuing with bizarre celebrity connections, I once worked across the hall from Danny Bonaduce when he was a morning show host in Philly (met celebs like Jon Bon Jovi, thanks to him).
68. I wish I was taller
69. I wish I had (back) my blonde hair from when I was a kid.
70. I used to have “high hair” in college and waaay embarrassed to admit that
71. I don’t smoke, never have.
72. I don’t like my food to touch each other on my dinner plate.
73. I like to read Stephen King books.
74. My favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups… I eat around the outside and then the middle.
75. I have about 40 different color markers in my desk drawer, but I hardly use them.
76. I once was a security guard in college. I am not kidding.
77. I like to sleep in total darkness.
78. I pay my bills on time and am a bit anal-retentive when it comes to Finances.
79. I won a poetry contest as a kid, and was published.
80. I still write poetry, though not very often nowadays.
81. My favorite kid’s book is “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss
82. I am afraid of spiders, but once caught a mouse with my bare hands.
83. My biggest fear is being lonely.
84. I sing when I am nervous. Badly. American idol I will never be.
85. I wish I had more time to do volunteer work.
86. I hate when the mailman is late to my house.
87. I like to send greeting cards, but wish more people sent them to me.
88. I don’t dance well, I have two left feet.
89. A perfect night at home with the family is ordering Chinese and watching a couple movies, especially scary ones.
90. I hate to answer the phone.
91. I love to entertain, and plan parties.
92. I love my new home office!
93. I hate my middle name.
94. I love hearing my son say, “I love you Mommy.”
95. My favorite days are rainy days.
96. I think I am a cool Mom.
97. I like the smell of grass (grass as in LAWN)
98. I love hanging out with hubby’s and I’s friends, Mark and Carol.
99. This list made me think about what a loser I can be. 🙂
100. I wish more people would POST in my BLOG! I know you are out there, fess up!

One thought on “100 things about me

  1. I love this post.I also used to have lots of handbags but I’m cutting down. I’ve actually started selling some of them because it was getting ridiculous!

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