Come on, 2007

I can’t think of anticipating a new year more than I am this year…. 2007 I need you!

Buh bye, 2006. I’m sure I learned something this year, just not the kind of life lessons I really wanted to know about. It was a year of disappointment, heartache, stress. A year of lost jobs, failing health, unanswered questions, and bad luck.

Lest you think it was a complete downer, well, no it wasn’t. I saw my son begin to talk in complete sentences and develop a truly original personality. My BIL and SIL got married in Florida, and we had a fabulous family trip we will never forget. The Philadelphia Eagles are in the playoffs (now, that, my friends is really a miracle).

I guess the one thing I learned from 2006 is how much I appreciate every other year of my life with my family. Because I can’t think of a bad year before this one. I really can’t. I am blessed with having people around me who are an inspiration and having had a bad year, I can say shoulders come in handy when you need one to lean on. In many ways, I think my good fortune has prepared me for getting though the bad times.

Because, no matter what, when life has handed me an even lower low, I can still hear the voice in my head saying… “It’s okay, better times are ahead”.

I guess I should start worrying when I don’t hear that voice.

I suppose that this could end up a year that I’ll be lamenting about this time next year, but I plan to do everything in my power to keep on the positive and believe that good times and good fortune lies ahead.

So anyway, I am going to wish you all a very Happy New Year a little early. Prepare yourselves, because this could be “your” year. This could be the year you grab for a star and catch it. It could be the year you’ve been waiting for… when all is right with the world and sunshine is always at your back.

2007 could be a very lucky year indeed…

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