I can see clearly now, the wrapping paper is gone

That was a bad attempt at a joke.
All my beautiful wrapping took about an hour to destroy. And about an hour to open boxes, break them down and prepare for recycling.
We are completely exhausted from yesterday. Had my parents over for breakfast and gifts, got showered, drove to aforementioned parents house to meet up with my brother and his family for lunch and gifts, then packed up and drove to MIL and FIL’s house for dinner and gifts. Got home at about 10pm and fell into bed. David never even got into his pajamas… fell asleep in his clothes and we didn’t have the heart to wake him.
This is the part about the holidays I hate (even more than putting the decor away in about a week or so)…
….the day after Christmas.

The house is just in shambles. I have to work today and David is “off” preschool for the week, so hubby ran him over to the Grandparents for the day. I believe they are taking him to “Fishmas“, which is the word to describe Christmas at the Camden Aquarium here in NJ. I’m glad at least he gets to do something fun today.
Hubby is working too. So it feels like just another day except I have a headache from OD’ing on sugar and treats.
And my living room looks like a Toys R Us threw up on it.
Well , the good news is I have a four day weekend coming up. An opportunity to recover.
Off to make some money, back tomorrow… I’ll still be working, but perhaps I will have finished picking from the 200 sugar cookies staring at me on my kitchen table!

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