From the Desk of BagMomma

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa, it’s me, Shelli. Do you remember me?

I am the little girl from Sunset Avenue that was always on your “good” list (at least I always thought that I was). By the way, I still love my Barbie Corvette and Smurfs you brought me. I still have the corvette (and some of the barbies, but I chopped their hair off… still safely stowed away at Mom and Dad’s house). I did throw the Smurfs away, I mean, they are blue trolls after all… who would keep them??

I’ve been really good this year, even though fate has conspired against my family to make 2006 one of the saddest and unlucky years in recent memory…. a year which has propelled me into the depths of sadness and kleenex tissues (not the lotiony kind, I really hate them… why would Kleenex think I want lotion on my nose anyway…?) ummmmm… ok. sorry…. going way off topic there.

Anyway, the reason I am writing is quite simple. I wish for 2007 to be a better year.

I wish for health for my family (especially my Mom and Dad). And, continued prosperity so that my credit card debt does not grow larger because even though I tried to budget this Christmas, I can’t contol buying for those I love. And, Santa, speaking of growing larger, I wish for a smaller butt (and a flat stomach you could bounce a quarter off). Oh, and I wish that the Fedex man would finally find my house and not deliver my packages to the other #608 across town.

I wish that I will finally get the job I deserve, and that my stock options grow in value. I wish that my husband won’t be passed up for a promotion in 2007 because “someone owes someone” a favor. I wish that we will finally get a new pet that won’t die on us after we become attached. I wish for a maid to finally shine my shower the way it deserves to be so that it is actually white again.

I wish that I could finally get that BFP on a pregnancy test and a healthy baby because it kills me when my son asks for a brother or sister because he’s lonely. I wish for fresh coffee at 3pm at Dunkin Donuts when I need my coffee fix.

And Santa, I wish for world peace and to end any human suffering (you’ll need to work with the big man on that one I suppose… and I’m not talking about George W Bush).

Santa, I have always believed in you, so I hope you still believe in me. I promise to leave you your favorite cookies… just like always.

Yours truly,

Shelli xxoo

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