another Senior moment

We had to take our dog, Teddi, to the vet yesterday to remove a small tumor on her eye. As luck would have it, the vet ran some bloodwork before the surgery and it didn’t look good.
Do you see what I mean when I say 2006 has not been a banner year in my house?
David is still not over the death of dear kitty in September, and now we are in waiting with our dear dog.
She is going to be 12, so she’s not a puppy for sure… we know that she is in her “golden years” as far as pets go, and her breed lifespan. It’s just that it’s Christmas, and I don’t want David to lose a second pet so soon.
So here’s the lowdown… $800 bucks later (well, at least her eye is fixed now) we were told that the bloodwork on her liver came back very abnormal. The likely diagnosis at this point is Cushing’s disease (treatable, but expensive and can extend her life minimally) OR cancer. To diagnose the issue, we are faced with about another $500 in tests.
Neither hubby and I were ready to put down more money. We decided to bring her home and think about it. The odd thing is she is not having any symptoms yet… so we are watching to see if her appetite changes, or anything out of the ordinary.
I hate making these type of decisions… S. does too.
OK 2006 (again) please stop torturing me!

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