Not infertile, just bad luck?

2006 has not been a great year, for reasons I could write a book on. This post is just about one of the challenges.

Today, I met with my OB/GYN to discuss a plan of action on the fertility front. It’s been 6 months since my miscarriage. So, after waiting in a packed waiting room of (pregnant) mommies, I took a seat in her office armed with my cycle history and more info than anyone would care to know (well, my Ovusoft buddies would.. and you know who you are).

Dr. D took a look at my historical data, and exclaimed that there is no good reason that I am not pregnant, it must be just bad luck. And she smirked.

Then she went on to the statistics of achieving pregnancy, and noted that my slight impatience could well be the fact that this time around is just taking longer, but not necessarily is that bad.

When I conceived my son, I got pregnant on the second cycle trying.
When I got pregnant this year, I got pregnant on the third cycle trying.

Ergo, it is not likely that I am as barren as the desert, in fact history has shown I am quite fertile and capable of acheiving pregnancy.

I really appreciate Dr. D. This is the reason I love her to death, she is a straight-shooter, call it like you see ’em gal.

Sometimes you need someone to validate your feelings. I know I am hyper-sensitive to this whole TTC thing, especially since I am getting older, and she understands this but doesn’t want me to go jumping into the sharks… yet…..

She studied the graphs I gave her, and saw what any other qualifed OB/GYN or RE would see… I am ovulating fine on my own. Cycles are in normal range. Menses.. normal. No other symptoms to indicate any issues. Nothing really out of the ordinary except the fact that I am not pregnant yet.

Because I love that she understands completely that I am a Type A perfectionist, she has agreed to start some testing… to put my mind at ease. First stop, testing on CD 21-23 (I am on CD10 now) to check progesterone, thyroid function, etc.

No meds, because right now, I am ovulating just fine. We’ll continue some bloodwork over the next month to see if anything out of the ordinary comes up. She has hope that she will see me again very soon in her office, this time as a pregnant patient.

In the meantime, it’s just wait and see. I really think it’s the hex of 2006.

Thank god there’s only a couple weeks left.

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