Manic Monday

Quiz time. Who sang the aforementioned song? If you don’t know then you are either way older than me or younger, in which case you suck.

hehe, just kidding.

ok, not really.

I am recovering from a looooong weekend, and really don’t feel like crawling out from under the rock I am presently comfortable under.

Monday brings the reality of a few thoughts… 1) I am behind on Christmas shopping 2) I feel fat from eating WAAAY too much over the weekend 3) Work does not stop just because I want it to.

I am also annoyed because I thought of the perfect gift for my “incredibly difficult to buy for” father, only to realize that the item I was planning to get at Target was on sale only for Friday and Saturday. I missed the boat. And, on this cyber-Monday (some said it’s the busiest online shopping day) I am searching for digital photo frames, and not coming up with anything under $100 (the Target version was $69.98)….

Can I please go back to bed?

And for those of you who didn’t get the question, the answer is The Bangles.

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